Cultivate both internally and externally, exploring the password of three “Highs”

The Glory Plus class double-shaft crushing negative pressure fan dust removal and baling machine is a hot-selling product of Huaxi Technology. With beautiful appearance and fresh color give people an extraordinary visual enjoyment. However, not only the the gorgeous looking, the users of Huaxi Technology know very well that what attracts them more is the efficient harvesting effect and high-quality product performance, which is truly “both internal and external”.


High Efficiency

Ordinary dust-removing balers use upward throwing to remove dust, which greatly reduces the operating efficiency. This machine uses the three-group negative pressure fan dust removal system (Patent No.: ZL201922300301.7), which does not reduce dust removal efficiency and helps users harvest forage efficiently. For many users, the number of bundles in one operating season is around 100,000+, and the operating income is very considerable.


High Configuration

The entire machine (including the pulverizes) adopts Peel maintenance-free bearings or customized high-sealing bearings, and cooperates with the automatic grease lubrication system to achieve truly maintenance-free lubrication.

The 2023 ver. Glory Plus once again upgrades the crusher, improving the moving and fixed knife types to make it more efficient. The removable fixed knife allows the straw fragmentation to be adjusted and the picking is cleaner; at the same time, the compression bin is lengthened to make the bale shape more regular. In addition, the 2023 model uses an electromechanical and hydraulic integrated bale density adjustment system for the first time (the first in the industry), adjustment is more convenient, and performance is more stable.

The knotter still uses the Rasper reinforced D type which imported from Germany, with a service life up to 1 million times and a knotting rate more than 99%; patented technology double-sided bundling damping device (Patent No. ZL 2018 2 1574025.2), steel The needle runs more smoothly, the overall machine performance is more reliable, the compression mechanism is strengthened, and the bale density is increased by 20%, greatly reducing transportation costs. In addition, this model is equipped with Beidou intelligent positioning system, high-definition display, high-definition camera, after-sales intelligent cloud system… In general, you can find all the configurations that you are looking for on this machine.


High-end Appearance

A good product must not only be easy to use, but also look good. This baler is recognized for its good looks. It is built by a well-known domestic design team. It has a streamlined luxury and fashionable hood with strong visual impact. It is electrophoretic coating with the same process as that of cars. It is durable and anti-rust, round and smooth. It has laser cutting of the plate, intelligent robot bending, and imported robot welding. , exquisite workmanship. It can be said that “appearance and quality coexist, and value and glory are shared.”

As a company that has been deeply involved in the field of balers for more than ten years, Huaxi Technology has always been based on meeting user needs, aiming to exceed user expectations, and providing users with higher efficiency, higher profits, and higher value of products and services with its never-ending spirit of innovation.

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