Even better selling-Huaxi Yutian Surpass Plus

9YF-2.0 Small Square Baler

New Model Surpass plus square baler created by Huaxi Technology, which “inherits glory in appearance and surpasses classics in strength”, is newly launched.


Better Looking

The streamlined, luxurious and fashionable hood designed by well-known designer, exquisite appearance. It adopts the same injection molding process as vehicle, which is durable and anti-rust, round and smooth; The whole machine has fine workmanship, unique modeling and strong visual impact.


Better performance (more stable)

Raspberry RS6003 imported from Germany is used to strengthen the D-type knotter, Increase the size of fan, and improve the working environment of the knotter which service life reach 1 million times, the knotting rate can reach more than 99%; 16A and 12A chains increase the tensile strength of the chain and reduce adjustments; The reinforced traction pullers makes it easy to turn and durable; The patented technology double-sided binding damping device (No. ZL201821574025.2) makes the steel needle run more smoothly Stable, reducing the breakage of the safety bolt and the damage of the steel needle caused by vibration.


Higher working efficiency

4 rows of pick-up teeth, 5 bundles of rope boxes, reduce the time of changing ropes, automatic oil lubrication which lead to faster maintenance.


Higher intelligence

The Beidou intelligent positioning system can realize remote positioning, display operation status and dynamic faults on real time, playback of operation tracks, and traceability of historical operation status.

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