Huaxi Tech 2024 New9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Series Baler

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Huaxi Tech 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Small Square Baler

Huaxi Technology is proud to introduce the 2024 “9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro” (Pickup Type) baler, the latest addition to our esteemed “9YF-2.0/2.2A” series. This model sets a new benchmark for two-rope balers, combining superior aesthetics with unparalleled functionality.

Huaxi Tech 9YF-2.2A honor Plus Small Square Baler
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Key Features of the 2024 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Baler:
• Innovative Split Transmission Design: Incorporating a split-structure transmission shaft with an intermediary bridge gearbox, the 2024 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro offers a more compact turning radius and enhanced user convenience.
• Efficient Pickup System: Equipped with an enlarged protective ring and five rows of pickup tines, the baler ensures a thorough and clean collection of materials.
• Optimized Feeding Mechanism: The unique “/ \” shape grass fork and “trumpet-shaped” feeding entrance significantly boost feeding efficiency.
• Maintenance-Friendly Rope Box: The quick-release five-bale rope box facilitates easy maintenance and care.
• Robust Core Auger: Reinforced for durability, the upgraded hollow-core auger is adept at handling a variety of crops, including forage, wheat, and rice. Its mesh base plate effectively removes dust, yielding cleaner straw.
• Stability-Enhanced Tires: The larger and broader tires provide a more stable operation across different terrains.

Huaxi Tech 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Small Square Baler

Advanced Compression Mechanism:
• The compression mechanism has undergone a comprehensive upgrade, with heavier gearboxes, flywheels, clutches, and pistons, resulting in a 20% increase in bale density.
• The elongated compression chamber ensures uniform bale shapes, while the piston’s anti-collision device prevents damage during operation.
• An optional integrated electro-hydraulic bale density adjustment system offers instantaneous, precise control over bale density, ensuring uniformity and stability.

Huaxi Tech 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Small Square Baler

State-of-the-Art Knotting System:
• At the core of the 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro lies the German-engineered Lasco RS6003 reinforced D-type knotter, designed for near-perfect knotting efficiency and longevity.
• The dual-side baling damping device and strengthened rocker mechanism contribute to a smoother operation and reduced downtime.
• The baler boasts a truly maintenance-free experience, featuring Peer maintenance-free bearings and an automatic grease lubrication system that ensures optimal lubrication and extended service life.

Huaxi Tech 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Small Square Baler

Exemplary Craftsmanship and Quality:
• Our design team has meticulously crafted a streamlined, luxurious hood that stands out for its unique style.
• Utilizing cutting-edge domestic and international equipment and processes, we ensure that every stage of production, from cutting to AGV assembly, adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Huaxi Tech 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Small Square Baler
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Huaxi Tech 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro Small Square Baler

The 2024 9YF-2.0/2.2A Pro is not just a baler; it is a testament to Huaxi Technology’s commitment to excellence, offering high performance, efficiency, density, and aesthetic appeal. It is the embodiment of our dedication to innovation and quality, making it the preferred choice for professionals seeking long-term value.
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