Standing the Highest, Towards the high-end, Huaxi Tech’s large&small square bales shining at the 2023 International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in China

From October 26 to 28, 2023, the 2023 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, jointly sponsored by the China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, the China Agricultural Mechanization Association, and the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, was held grandly at the Wuhan International Expo Center.

At the specially designed booth B401 in Hall B4, Huaxi Tech made a shocking appearance with two large square balers (with rotor version and without rotor version) and the Glory Plus series of small square balers, showing Huaxi Tech’s ultimate focus in the field of square baling machines to global merchants. Strength and brand power.

As the first high-density six-row rope baling machine that was successfully developed and in China and put on the market in batches- Huaxi Yutian high-density six-row rope baling machine, it took four years of hard work and extraordinary perseverance and creativity to wash away the glitz and quench it into steel. This return is already a “strong weapon and sharp blade” “. The exquisite appearance and excellent quality attract customers from home and abroad to come to discuss cooperation opportunities.

In addition to two large square balers, the highly popular Glory Plus series balers were also on display. With its top-notch configuration and superior performance, it continues to be popular among customers.

Driven by both national policies and changes in market demand, high-end and intelligent agricultural machinery is an inevitable trend. Huaxi Technology will continue to shoulder its mission, working hard in the field of balers, and work with colleagues in the industry to contribute Huaxi’s strength to China’s agricultural power!

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