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The sales volume and market share of Huaxi Yutian baler hit new highs repeatedly, bringing high returns and high income to agricultural machinery users. At the same time, the product and brand reputation are also rising, and it has become a hot product in the agricultural machinery market. Why is that? There are six points below.

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1. Focus on gathering “wisdom” to create “quality”

For more than ten years, Huaxi Technology has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “Focus”, focusing on the research, development, and manufacturing of square balers without distraction, bringing together a large number of related technologies. The personnel and experts have not only mastered the core technology of high-quality square balers but also formed a corporate culture of “pursuing excellence in both work and products”.


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2. Performance and Technological Innovation Based

Huaxi Technology has advanced technology and equipment such as laser cutting, robot bending, robot welding, and electrophoretic coating. At the same time, innovations aimed at improving performance are ubiquitous, such as negative pressure fan dust removal,    “/ \” shaped pitchfork, “full machinery maintenance-free”, etc. These innovative technologies not only improve the reliability and operation of the Huaxi Yutian baler, but also greatly improve the working efficiency, and the user’s operation cost, Maintenance cost is largely reduced as well.

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3. Rich models and complete configuration

In terms of product function, Huaxi Technology balers are divided into picking type and crushing type. The picking type baler has three picking widths which are 1.7 meters, 2.0 meters, and 2.2 meters. The crushing type baler is divided into single-axis crushing and double-shaft crushing. At the same time, according to the user’s requirements, such as the soil content of forage grass, there are also popular negative pressure fan dust removal square balers and double throw dust removal square balers for users to choose from;

In terms of the number of bundled ropes, there are two ropes and three ropes to choose from;

In terms of product configuration, Huaxi Technology is the first in the industry to launch a series of products such as “9YF-1.7/2.0/2.2A Square Baler”, “9YF-2.0/2.2A Square Baler” and “9YF-2.0/2.2A Square Baler” with high, medium and high configuration.

In terms of adaptability, the series of balers can be adapted to the baling of different crops and forages such as wheat, corn, rice, etc., with a variety of models and configurations to choose from, meeting the needs and grades of users in different areas.

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4. Great looking and visual enjoyment

Huaxi Technology entrusts a well-known design company to carry out product design. Relying on the exquisite manufacturing process and the quality culture of “three emphases and three surpass” (Emphasis on process improvement, product details, and structural innovation; surpassing international standards, industry leaders, and user expectations). Huaxi Technology has made continuous breakthroughs in coating technology, coatings, and equipment automation applications.

5. Smart Service

Huaxi Technology has launched a “nanny-style” service commitment and established a “digital intelligent service cloud platform”, which not only can monitor the operating status of each machine at all times but also enable after-sales personnel to serve users more quickly so that users can feel the ultimate enjoyment and enable the “nanny style” service commitment more in place.



6. Preserve value

Due to the high-quality assurance of Huaxi Yutian baler and the brand effect of “Huaxi Yutian”, the value preservation rate of Huaxi Yutian baler products is very high. Many users can still sell it in the second-hand market at a great price after using it for several years.

























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