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Product Description

9YF-2.2S square baler is a forage bundling and harvesting machine, which is mainly used for harvesting various grasses, rice, wheat and other crop straws from the field. It can automatically pick up the grass and straw cutted in the field, and bundle the scattered straw into rectangular bales with neat and regular shape through the operation procedures of conveying, feeding, compression forming and tying rope. The machine matches with 33.1kw (or 36.8kw) and above wheeled tractor, and is operated by one person of tractor driver. It is suitable for all kinds of grassland and farmland operation. At the same time, it is also suitable for fixed operation by manual feeding or other methods.

Products Parameters

Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm)7160*2780*1830
Weight (kg)3620
Pick up width(mm)2200
Supporting tractor power requirements (hp)110 hp and above
Form and quantity of throwing knife (one or piece)22 hammer claws on the front roller, 90 blades on the rear roller
Compression chamber cross-sectional size (W*H) mm446*364
Tractor power output speed (rev/min720
Number of knots (pieces)2
Bale length(mm)500-1350
Number of negative pressure fans (pieces)3 on both sides + middle
Configuration SeriesClassic PlusSurpass PlusHonors Plus
Protective CoverStreamline ShapeInjection MouldingInjection Moulding
Rasspe Germany High Strength D-Shape Knotter
Pickup Tine4 Rows5 rows
八 Shape Pitchfork
Bale Damping MechanismSingle sideBoth side
Increased Fan
Baler Density Adjustment Adjustable SpringAdjustable Spring Mechatronic Hydraulic Integration
Strengthened Weighting Compression Mechanism
Extended Compress Chamber
Lubrication MechanismAutomatic Oil LubricationAutomatic Grease Lubrication
Full set bearingsHigh Quality Domestic Made USA Peerbearing Maintenance Free
Main Chain\Baling Mechanism Chain12A\10A16A\12A
Strengthened Traction Bracket
Rope Box3 Rolls5 Rolls5 Rolls
Night Work Lights
Intelligent Positioning System
Wireless Remote Monitoring of Work Conditions
High Definition Camera and Display

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